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Account registration at PrepBootstrap is only required if you will be selling or buying themes. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.
A lot of the content of the site has been submitted by the community. Whether it is a commercial element/template/theme or a free one, you are encouraged to contribute. All credits are published along with the resources.
All prices for themes, templates and other items, including each seller's or buyer's account balance are in USD
Barcodes can be be printed using barcode printers (Direct thermal or Thermal transfer printers), Laser or Inkjet printers.
Barcode Label printers are divided into two categories based on their size and maximum print capacity. Desktop printers best for low volume applications such as office labeling or a small retail store. Tabletop printers / Industrial are used for high volume and industrial label printing. These printers can print thousands of labels daily and are physically more robust to handle harsher environments.
There are two types of thermal printing methods commonly used to print barcodes: Direct thermal and Thermal transfer. Each method of thes e methods uses a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being printed. Direct thermal printing does not require the use of a ribbon(ink) for printing, it uses a heat activated direct thermal barcode papers for printing. Print color is limited to black, and over time the barcode labels will darken and fade, when it is subjected to heat or sunlight. Thermal transfer printing on the other hand uses a carbon ribbon which gets transferred onto the barcode labels via heat to produce durable, long -lasting images on a variety of label materials. The ribbons also comes in different colours and users are not limited to monochrome colour( black print colour). This type of printing is required for application that needs durability and long lasting image.
Barcodes are scanned by using a barcode scanner or reader or an app on your smart phone.
The quality of the printed barcode can be checked using a barcode verifier which complies with these ISO/IEC and GS1 standards.
Our standard payment plan provides for monthly payments. At the end of each month, all accumulated funds are transfered to your account. The minimum amount of your balance should be at least 70 USD.
Equipment Rental
Renting or Leasing an equipment from Acme Infotech Solutions is really simple. Any business can rent or lease from us. Contact Us to request a quote. Leasing is not presently available to individuals.
Factors that affect the price of a rental: Quantity, Length of Rental, Location, Technical Specifications, and most importantly, Availability.
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-annually, Yearly.
Get the latest technology delivered directly to your event for a fraction of the cost of purchasing equipment that you will only need for a short term.
Yes. We can install any equipment you rent or purchase from us. We can also provide installation of your own equipment. Just ask your sales rep for specific information. Also, we can pre-load any software package and provide custom configurations.
Full demonstrations and training is available on much of our equipment.
No and will be determined based on destination and weight of equipment being rented.
We offer technical support for an added fee
We do not offer insurance. You are responsible for the equipment while you are renting and are subject to a replacement cost if the equipment is damaged or stolen.